“Its time for issue based politics. Not Politics of Insults, Mudslinging, Name Calling and Cheap Propaganda. ”

Smart Eagles Reporter

Makebi Zulu says 53 years after Independence, Zambia has matured enough to focus sorely on issue based Politics.

Speaking this morning on ‘The Platform, ‘a two hour radio program hosted by Kunda Kunda on Joy FM, Hon. Zulu stated that the politics that were being sought after were those that would bring development in the Nation.

“We are in an era where we have to do away with politics of Insults and name calling. We need to focus on developmental Politics that will improve our nation culturally, Socially, economically and indeed in every sector possible.” He said.

He Stated that President Lungu had demonstrated through the robust and ambitious road map that his government had mapped out , that his was an agenda of massive development.

“And if there is anything that is going to interfere with the Presidents agenda to develope this nation, its better avoided before it degenerates into the old kind of politics that were witnessed in the past.

He stated to this effect that Eastern Province whose mainstay is agriculture was now on a path of diversification and specifically at a place were emphasis was being placed on value addition.

” We have land that is to the extent of about 52,026 Square Kilometres. 2 Million Hectors of Agriculture land and about 1.2 Million Hectors capable of being used for livestock and farming. So it is quite a big Province that has 9 districts which all have their own potential.”He said

He Stated that Lundazi for instance, had the biggest harvest of Maize country wide making it the best performing district in maize production.

” Vubwi and Chadiza were the biggest performing in terms of Soya beans and in terms of tobacco and many other crops , We as a Province were the best in the last farming season. .” He said.

He stated that out of the 3.8 Million tonnes of maize which was produced in Zambia, 890,000 metric tonnes came from Eastern Province which was quite a big margin compared to the rest of the Country.

” So we are a Unique Province. We have Unique Potentials and we are placed in a Geographical location where we have the ability to trade with neighbouring Countries such as Malawi and Mozambique. So we are at a vantage point in terms of what we are able to do as a Province.” He Said.

And Zulu stated that he was viewing each of the districts in his province as a production unit.

“We are promoting Agro processing and Industrialisation in all the districts knowing very well that our potentials are Unique to our Province alone.” He stated.

He Stated that the Province was in the process of improving the Farming blocks as many investors had shown interest in investing in the Province.

He stated that there was a Crop diversification agenda and made reference to the Wheat that had been produced at a large scale for the first time in Lundazi by Zambia National Service.

” We will have to look for more land to engange ZNS again to produce amase for the communities and possibly work out an out grower scheme with the communities in the surrounding areas. ” he said.

Meanwhile Zulu has emphasised the need for a change in mindset on the political arena into the next 50 years.

“53 years after Independence, we have political players that are more interested in what they can do for the nation as opposed to what the nation can do for them

” There is a newer generation that is coming into politics that perceives things differently. The Old generation may have the perception to say we have to benefit from the politics . But this generation is saying what can we do for our country. What can we do to improve our Country. So if there is anything that is going to take away from the concept of wanting to change the narrative of politics, Iam sure, The President and His Government will not tolerate that. He will only go with the Kind of Politics that will enhance development, Cultural Integration, Social development and everything good for this Country, negating everything that seeks to divide the Country.” He said.



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