Southern UPND Youths Call For Katuka’s Replacement With A Tonga, As Katuka Backs Nalumango’s Demand For HH To Resign


THERE is some deep rooted confusion and drama unfolding in our party UPND following the continued bye election losses and dwindling support for our party amidst tough economic conditions which should have propelled us to victory.

Just this morning, UPND youths from Southern Province have demanded for Katuka’s immediate dismissal and replacement saying that their demand was compelled by a number of factors among which are:

  1. Continued election losses
  2. Lack of party growth
  3. Non-attendance to issues raised by the youth.

The Southern Province youths who complained of always being ignored said they were very disappointed that our leaders especially Party SG Mr Stephen Katuka continue to be in their positions despite failing to deliver or inspire growth and confidence. How many elections do we need to lose under Mr Katuka for him to be dropped as SG the youths asked.

When reached for comment, SG Katuka said that it is actually Party President Hakainde Hichilema to blame for all the confusion in the party and he is the one who needed to be replaced. KAtuka accused the youths of having been sponsored by HH in reaction to Nalumango’s press briefing calling for HH’s resignation. Katuka insisted that the entire National Management Committee of the party was in unison in calling for HH’s resignation.


Katuka said that the Constitution was clear and Hichilema would soon be in jail serving a five year sentence. According to the Zambia Privatisation Act, failure to declare interest attracts a 5 year jail term or a fine or both.

Meanwhile last evening, UPND National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango held a press briefing demanding for Party Leader Hakainde Hichilema’s immediate resignation from active politics. Speaking at the media briefing with Andrew Banda, Nalumango said the UPND was fatigued with what she termed the ‘six-time losing candidate’ who was nolonger adding any value to the party.

Nalumango stated that recent developments in the party and the nation necessitated her demand if the party is to win elections next year and form Government. These developments she alluded to include continuous losses during bye elections; the dwindling support base of the party; and constant resignations of Councillors citing Hichilema’s tribalistic poor leadership.

Ms. Nalumango charged that Hichilema is impossible to advise and thinks the party is his personal to holder business entity from which he collects millions on a monthly basis from outside donors and MPs alike in form of adoption taxes. There is no way one an can be so greedy, our Members of Parliament deposit K5,000 each on a monthly basis to Mr. Hichilema’s private personal accounts, is that normal?

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