Southern Chiefs Endorse Garry Nkombo, As Masebo Declares “IT’S TIME FOR HH TO STEP ASIDE”

Southern Province Chiefs have unanimously endorsed Garry Nkombo over HH citing the shooting down of Bill 10 and hosting of celebrations at his residence which clearer showed that HH has a dangerous foreign agenda for chiefs across the nation.

Meanwhile our UPND party mobilisation chairperson Sylvia Masebo, has joined calls from other top party leaders calling for party leader Hakainde Hichilema to give way to fresh ideas. “Some of you may dismiss what I am saying and brand me as talkative. But I can see light at the end of the tunnel, unfortunately Mr. Hichilema is not in that picture. Many people ask me as to why I’m quiet these days? But what can I say when everything is in the public for all to see?” Masebo told Batoka Bulls.

“Our party has stagnated, we are not progressing and if not careful we may be relegated back to 17%. But God has presented another chance to us, let Mr. Hichilema step aside and give way to Garry Nkombo to lead us into State House!”

“Look at that poor rally we had in Kabwata, that was total rejection. HH opportunity was lost when he refused to deputise Michael Sata! But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, Garry Nkombo can take us all the way” said Masebo.

Party national chairman Mutale Nalumango also chimed in: “We can only change, better our lives if we deliver change in our party. Let’s work together in 2021 to deliver change!” she said. “When we work towards change, there is no room for cowardice.”

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