Dora Siliya


Chief Government Spokesperson Hon. Dora Siliya has slammed Oposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema accusing him of gross hypocrisy and displaying selfish leadership traits.

Siliya was responding to a tweet by Hichilema where the Opposition leader claimed that he would change laws to promote institutional independence and freedoms.

But Siliya said Hichilema sabotages many attempts by government to bring positive law reforms.

She said Hichilema orders members of Parliament to walk out everytime government tabled progressive policies and Bills.

She said Hichilema pushed his MPs to abscond sittings of Parliament.

She also urged Hichilema to reflect some minimum semblance of selfless leadership as everything Hichilema did was always about “me, me”.

Hon. Siliya tweeted;

“Parliament is where laws on these issues are enacted..desist from whipping UPND MPs to abscond from the very reason they are there, to make laws. Life can’t just be about me, and me only, because no one is there forever. You have refused to work with others on national matters”.

Hichilema had tweeted;

“What we need to make Zambia a true democracy:

• An Independent Electoral Commission
• Freedom of speech
• Press freedom
• End to the Public Order Act
• Impartial police
• Criminalize rigging “.

In 2016 and in the historical Referendum, Hichilema aggressively campaigned against Zambia’s quest to amend, reform and modernise Part III of the Constitution.



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