I don’t side with groups but with the truth. Hence, today PF’ media houses can quote me but ignore me the day after. Same applies to UPND. They only like my posts when I say what they want to hear. The good part with being apolitical is that you praise both sides and criticize them when need be. I don’t believe in politics of not giving credit where it is due. So do you know where I stand? I stand for the truth at the expense of personal comfort. These are the values ingrained in me during my formative years by the Mother Church. Therefore, I will only stand with you when it is morally right for me to do so. I have so many human frailties but my greatest asset is being truthful and honest with my opinions. If you hate me for this, I won’t bother but will only feel sorry for your soul.

When I saw two videos from Sesheke this morning, I could not stomach its contains hence I publicly expressed my disdain towards what I termed as Police brutality. I was wrong. A friend of mine from the civil service with over 20 years experience working with Presidents and totally apolitical called me to give me a picture of what transpired. I checked with credible sources on the ground and they confirmed exactly what happened.

The President was travelling from Mulobezi to Sesheke. Knowing that the President would be on that route, UPND cadres organised a meeting in the middle of the road. When the President’s advance team comprising of civil servants in charge of protocol approached the scene, all vehicles were stonned and one severely damaged. They called for a backup and in now time the Police arrived. HH managed to escape as his cadres scampered in all directions. However, his cadres regrouped later around Katongo area and set ablaze four houses belonging to PF cadres.

Another colleague called me and sent me screenshots from a UPND WhatsApp group where the violence in question is being planned and discussed so that it looks as if PF is behind that. Check the following attachments and judge for yourself.

For me, violence, regardless of who is at the centre of it, devalues the dignity of the human person and undermines the sanctity of life. It is very disappointing that politics, which is supposed to be subjected to contest of ideas, has now been reduced to the lowest level of human existence-violence. It is an insult to God when you use His people like that regardless of who is calling the shots. Let us learn to live in harmony with each other as there is no political agenda which is greater than peace.



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