Russian President Vladimir Putin Strikes Africa Again


Africa will never be independent, Africans believe in Europeans, Americans and Chinese more than themselves. They do not trust each other, African engineers / technocrats do not have the platform to practice what they have studied. They hire Chinese people to build roads for themselves. A white man will commit a crime in Africa but no action will be taken because the African authorities consider us whites as half gods, which is far from the truth. A black man can be kidnapped in Europe, harassed and even killed, but no African authority can even challenge him.

Africans present themselves as weak, hopeless people, especially when dealing with Europeans and Americans. They are their own enemies. They hate each other, allowing their colonial masters to continue to explore their resources. As far as I know, Africa is the chosen continent, chosen by God, it is a blessed continent and it is time for Africans to realize that they are in a place where Americans, Europeans and Chinese people are jealous and would like to be.

Do not compare the African weather with any other weather … African soil can feed all Europe, America and Asia, but their problem is one, “THEIR LEADERS”. As far as I’m concerned, their best president has always been Gaddafi.

42 thoughts on “Russian President Vladimir Putin Strikes Africa Again

  1. Comment:president Vladimir you are right 100percent…Our African leaders they work hand in hand with colonial masters. exploiting our natural resources. ..

  2. God bless you president Vladimir Putin, in fact let the writer of this story change the storyline from “Putin strikes Africans again” to Putin tells Africans the truth again because you’re telling us the truth and you’re an honesty Man. Mostly Presidents in the world concentrate on plundering Africans’ resources than helping Africa realize her potential to sustainably use these resources to develop herself. You have spoken the truth hence the need for us the Africans to change.

  3. Yes, Putin, you have it right, the truth need to be told.we don’t v visionary leaders in Africa…….

  4. This is an open truth hence we have to act African and get on our foot Africa as said is rich in all areas farming, wildlife and minerals etc but we are poor lets stand up Africa

  5. Hail Putin.
    The best leaders are hindered. Our politicians are never focused on development. Sad to say.
    Thanks be to His Excellency president of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

  6. Yoh!! What a blatant truth, bitter to the ear of the listener(African finance ministers, development and planning, technocrats) They believe in white.They believe in something from somewhere, something they do not even know. Yeah, that’s a typical African President. Let’s continue to fight for CHANGE OF AFRICAN MIND

  7. Comment: you are the exception by telling us the naked truth Our problems are endemic and our Independence is our scapegoat to cover the ills we mete to each other.

  8. Honest president ever to African the death of Gaddafi crippled Africa’s awareness and progress to true economic freedom I cried for the death of Gaddafi I blamed on African states leaders for not helping him that time of chaos as he has helped them both financial and technological .Our disunity and betrayal kills us Ana pull us from development.

  9. Comment:yes truth has been spoken
    your very right president Putin…i apploud you for this your words… your a great and reasonable man…Africa need leaders like you who reason well…who reason the truth… because Africa has been so far from the truth.

  10. Comment:putin..wer ever u are God would keep blessing you, u have said the real truth like ur from Africa it’s self… u forgot to put greed n selfishness

  11. thank God, this is coming from a white man and a president, so Africa what is the way forward, can’t we check ourselves and start using the blessings of God that is dwelling among the black? well, God bless u Mr Putin, long live Africa

  12. May you live long to speak the truth we are chosen by God african depend on chines and american thats why they steal our resources they killed gaddafi because he was our true leader

  13. Comment:Gaddaffi was African hero his ideology should be taught to all africans of today and future generations

  14. you are point and I agree that Gaddafi was the best. His idea to unite Atrica was perfect. come to think about his death, who was behind it? I think not his own people, someone outside Africa pented a bad name about Gaddafi. Even when Africans decides to unite someone works against it… Jealous people, admirers of our African continent.

  15. President Putin,
    Please invite them (Leaders) for a summit in Russia or come to Addis in Ethopia and let them hear this .Thanks for truth well Said.
    God bless you

  16. Comment: you are now pretending to be righteous.
    your country, UK, USA, and other imperialist white supremacists sabotaged the struggle of Biafra secession.

    you’re revealing his because you are now enemy with this whites that pushed you far as ordinary white and eastern Europe.

    collection of other whites in their lies just as trump is giving a big lies against Chinese big telecom (h), is the same way they divided ur USSR.

    And this countries the fall away fools that believes their lies like Czech republic, Kiev, Yugoslavia, etc (USSR) have no knowledge that divided we fall. they refused to see that west and east Germany are together, that states in USA are together, and together with Britain and northern Ireland ad UK and they are together.

    the same lies is fighting foolish Hong Kong and Taiwan to believe in their evil talks.

    the same lies forced the great united country like Libya to loose their precious God sent ( RIP. Gaddafi the great) and the unity,peace and development of the country that compete with the Westerners and the Americans.( NATO).

    Mr. Putin if you really need your country to become great again. just do this simple thing that I will unfold to you later.

  17. We have all it takes and i promise to love my african people more. We are resources as people.
    Putin well put

  18. Comment:what a leader mr president of the republic of Russia.What u ‘ve said is nd will remain the only trueth.Africa arise nd fight for your rights, you’ve everything but no meaningful development,you’ve people tecnocrat’s with nothing to offer.God bless u putin.The biggest problem that we’ve in africa is we don’t support one another.We had true leaders like kk of zambia,j nyerere of tanzania nd gaddafi-libya they spoke for africa.

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