Young people protesting against government corruption have streamed demonstrations from an area of bush near Chalala, Lusaka.

A clip shared to Twitter shows the protestors singing a liberation song and holding placards denouncing what they see as government heavy handedness.

Police spokesperson Kakoma Kanganja has said that the authorities are aware of the protests and warned that the police will take stern action against those streaming the demonstrations online.

In anticipation of Monday’s protests, Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo deployed police in full riot gear onto the streets of the capital, warning demonstrators to stay away or “risk being dealt with”.

PF Member of Parliament Tutwa Ngulube echoed the government’s strict response to the protestors, urging the police to “break their bones if possible”.

Monday’s protests were staged to voice growing dissatisfaction with the PF government, particularly among young Zambians.

Popular musicians Pilato (Chama Fumba)protest and B-Flow (Brian Bwembya) have also spoken out against growing inequality, diminished freedom of expression, and corruption in government.

Mr Ngulube has dismissed the protests as not representing the interests of the majority of Zambians.

“Zambia is a peace-loving country and the people of Zambia are not interested whatsoever in all the protests that are trying to pick up,” he said.


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