THE Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs has started a rigorous scrutiny process and enforcing ethical conduct by churches and men of God.

Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Hon. Rev Godfridah Sumaili hopes the process will help to bring sanity to a faith now soiled and invaded by magicians, crooks and extortionists.

“Zambia is a Christian Nation not a Magician Country vows Sumaili”, she said.

On Sunday this action seems to have angered another self-styled prophet, Malawian preacher Shepherd Bushiri whose mission to Zambia this week might face similar action as that of his Zimbabwean counterpart.

Preaching to his Pretoria’s congregation, broadcast live, Bushiri lashed out at Zambia’s respected Pentecostal Bishops, Joe Imakando of Bread of Life International and Bishop Joshua Banda of Northmead Assembly of God.

Bushiri singled out and accused the two Bishops, Joshua Banda, and Bishop Joe Imakando for allegedly spreading lies against him.

He also accused the Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs, of setting up rules against “Christians”.
He vowed that despite receiving unofficial resistance, he vowed that he would still travel to Zambia this Wednesday.

“They have put difficult laws in this country against “Christians”.
With the Pentecostal world attracting followers seeking miracles and faith healing, the fraternity has been invaded by charlatans, magicians and crooks taking advantage of the word of God to make themselves rich from unsuspecting followers house during the exile days.



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