President Lungu Should Step Aside For 2021 – KBF

Lusaka lawyer Kevin Fube Bwalya – also known as KBF – has told supporters he still intends to run for president next year, insisting that it is time for President Lungu to step aside.

Mr Fube was formally expelled from the PF in June for challenging President Lungu’s leadership of the party. However, speaking to supporters online yesterday, Mr Fube said he did not want to challenge the president in 2021 but rather was asking him to step aside.

“When I declared my intention to stand to run for Office, I respectfully said I would not challenge the President but I will ask the President to step aside so that another person takes over this party so that we can have a new vision, a new face, new ideas to push the agenda of this Nation”, he said.

Mr Fube insists that President Lungu has had his time, adding that the constitution clearly states that no person can be elected to the presidency three times. Mr Lungu has already been elected twice in 2015 and 2016.
“The President has had his time, some of us like my colleagues CK, Harry Kalaba, Given Lubinda, Mulenga Sata at the time we all humbled ourselves in 2014 and allowed him at the Convention to take the reigns of the party. We have now tested his leadership now it’s time for him to support us,” Mr Fube explained.

He went on to add that many of Zambia’s economic problems could be attributed to President Lungu’s leadership and that this ineptitude was damaging to the PF’s reputation.

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