SOME politicians who have formed some small political parties with the aim of destabilising the Patriotic Front want to come back quietly and privately, President Edgar Lungu has disclosed.

And PF mayoral candidate, Miles Sampa yesterday wept with tears rolling down his face when President Lungu said he had been forgiven for going astray because a prodigal child should never be discarded but welcomed, “Umwana kasembe, kakukoma watola wakobeka.”

Regarding the politicians with underhand schemes, President Lungu advised them to publicly apologise and show contrition, saying the ruling party will forgive and accept them.

President Lungu made the remarks yesterday during a public rally in Lusaka’s Zingalume compound to drum up support for PF mayoral Lusaka candidate Miles Sampa.

President Lungu said these are the same politicians who were behaving like “wolves in sheep’s clothing” by insulting him during the day and privately seeking for forgiveness during the night.

Mr Lungu has challenged such politicians to come out in public and apologise, saying the ruling party was ready to accept them.

“Wayapanga akachilonganino, walabosa mu newspaper na mu radio balekuchita cover later ati, now I can come back to PF and I can meet Lungu at night privately ku State House. It will not work. Pali abapanga ifipani fyabo nokutupusaula nokutusalusha, nokututuka ifimasele ubushiku baletuma amashiwi ati Mumwebe Lungu ndefwaya tumonane ndefwaya ukubwela, tafyakabombe!” President Lungu said.

And President Lungu has urged the electorate to throw their weight behind Mr Sampa in the July 26 election.

“Miles is your own son, your own product and child from Matero. I want to make this clear that Miles has been a member of PF for a long time from inception. Of course he went astray but he has come back. Like the bible teaches us about the prodigal son, we have to accept those who come back.

“Miles Sampa went astray, alilubana, it happens to all of us. But alibwela, alomba ubwelelo pabuta tutu without any condition at all. Unlike some people who want to meet me in the night, saying lets discuss, I want to come back. Te buloshi ubo iyo? If you want to come back to your party PF, just go public and tell the people that munjeleleko napapata nalilufyanya ndimuntu,” Mr Lungu said.

The President said he wholeheartedly accepted the apology from Mr Sampa, the former Matero Member of Parliament after he made a public apology unconditionally.

He said that was the reason why the PF leadership adopted Mr Sampa as its candidate for the July 26 Lusaka mayoral elections.



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