…….as He comes to the Aid of the families that lost their homes and property due to political violence…..

Sesheke, 11, February, 2019 (SMART EAGLES)

REPUBLICAN President His Execellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has assured the people of Sesheke unprecedented development without leaving anyone behind.

“The reason why I came here is to assure you people that the PF government wants to work with you, Pf wants to bring Development to this part of the country and all other parts of the country without leaving anyone behind”

He said the Patriotic Front government remains committed to ensuring Zambia and it’s people transform from were they were to a much better state.

The Head of State urged people of Sesheke to vote for Dean Masule as they will be voting for development.

President Lungu further called on residents of Sesheke and Zambia at large to not listen to the lies coming from opposition.

He said voting for the Patriotic Front party
means voting for development.

The Head of State once again noted with great displeasure how opposition members of Parliament shun to work with government to developer development to their constituencies.

He said it’s people’s Democratic right to chose who their preferred candidate without fear.

President Lungu regretted the incident that happened were over 6 families lost their homes and properties when suspected UPND cadres when they raided the PF Maonde Ward feeding camp.

“I also came to Commiserate with you especially those of you who had their houses destroyed a few days ago, we will ask the Vice President Office and DMMU to see how they can help you

“Politics is not about destruction or manning each other, Democracy is about people making their own choices”

Meanwhile, Patriotic Front party Secretary General Hon. Davies Mwila called on the residents of Sesheke to vote for a party that is delivering development to all corners of this country.

He said PF has a track record of delivering unprecedented development and it’s time for Sesheke to test the development.

“Its time for change and change will start tomorrow vote for a candidate who will bring development to you a candidate who will listen and speak for you”

AND, Home Affairs Minister Hon. Stephen Kampyongo assured the residents that government will ensure that law and order is maintained.

“I can assure you that you are safe, law and order will be maintained and no one will be tolerated to disrupt the peace we have enjoyed for so many years”

“If you break the law we will pursue and smoke you out of your hideouts”

The Home Affairs Minister who is also the Shiwang’andu lawmaker urged the people of Sesheke to exercise their civic right and turn up and vote for Patriotic Fronts candidate Dean Masule.

“Turn up and Vote in peace you are protected you are safe it’s your right it’s your choice”



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