…… As he calls on Zambians to work together in Mitigating Climate Change …


President Edgar Lungu has Launched the Zambia Plant a Million Trees Initiative, in Chinsali of Muching Province.

Speaking this Morning when He addressed scores of various key stakeholders and Muchinga residents President Lungu said the launch of this Initiative is in line with the seventh National development plan (7NDP) which is premised on economic diverstification moving from a copper dependent economy to other sectors.

“Through this initiative as a country we envasage to create a tree base economy which will enable the country mitigate climate change resulting in economic benefits for all Zambians” he said

He said the Plant a Million Tree will significantly be the remedy to the current deforestation and will replenish our natural resources again.

The Head of State started that the uncontrolled harvesting of our valuable trees spicies is one of the pressing environmental challenges the country is facing

“Zambia is one of the most wealthy countries in Africa but the uncontrolled harvesting of trees threatens economic development and security of our country” he said.

President Lungu Noted the importance of various trees and called on Zambians to engage themselves in practical matters that will ensure the sustained provision of the many goods and services that trees provide.

“it is gratifying to note that trees provide many goods and services such as construction materials food and natural medcines, wood for energy, wildlife Habitat, Planet regulation, Soil enrichment and Protection of water catchment and river sources”

“I therefore call upon you to endeavour and engage in practical matters to ensure a sustained provision of these goods and service”

Furthermore, The Head of State called on Zambians to plant trees in there back yards orchards and planatations in supporting climate change.

He cited that tree planting especially in learning institutions has been done using the orchard model which has been proved to be easy to manage, Effective with immense benefits such us provision of food, Income generation and at times used for research purposes.

The President reiterated on the need to inculcate a mind set change among the learners on the importance of planting trees.

He said when learners start appreciating the importance of planting trees a positive attitude will be awakened in not only Families and communities but the nation at large.

And President Lungu said the Patriotic Front government remains committed in fostering environmental protection as enshrined in the Party Manifesto.

“As we all endeavour to plant a million trees the Patriotic Front government remains committed to ensuring protection of the environment” said the President.

In line with the party Manifesto, President Lungu further directed The Minister of Lands and Natural Resources Hon. Jean Kapata to employ an intergrated and Parcipatory approach for all that will be aimed on achieving positive results in environmental protection.

The Head of State applauded the Ministry of Lands for the hard work that has been put forth to the launch of the Initiative..

He however, appealed to the Ministry to extend it’s collaborations to other line Ministeries such as Ministry of General Education, Ministry of Traditional affairs and other key stakeholders.

twende babili temwenso

“Your Ministry must work in collaboration with other line Ministries and coorperating partners to accelerate and scale up tree planting efforts country wide” Said President Lungu

Meanwhile, President called on all well meaning Zambians to get involved in the exercise.

“All of us should get involved”

He said Initiative launched makes the begining of growing money from trees.

The Head of State thanked Traditional Leaders who were present Senior Chief Nkula, Chief Chibesakunda and Chief Nkweto for being part of this auspicious event that marks the beginning of a great movement that will not only create employment for our people but also improve the countries economy.



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