Power Hungry HH Should Be Condemned For Beating Persons With Disabilities At His House – Nathan Chanda


… as he calls on the Church and all Residents of Luanshya and Copperbelt to work together and not to politicise Covid -19.

Copperbelt..Thursday 19 March, 2020.

PF Copperbelt Chairman Nathan Bwalya Chanda says he is taken aback with the conduct of the UPND through its leader Hakainde Hichilema to beat up persons with disabilities that went to petition him at his house and as he cautions UPND to sober up and respect people with physical challenges.

Persons with disabilities on Wednesday went to petition Mr. Hichilema so that he can convince his members of Parliament to support Bill 10 which has a clause that will promote the rights of persons with disabilities.

The group was led by Julien Mwape, the Director General of Zambia Agency for Persons with Disabilities.

But UPND Leader’s bodyguards obviously under the instruction of Mr. Hichilema stoned and chased the defenceless people without shame.

Mr. Chanda appeared on Radio Chimwemwe FM in Ndola where he addressed a lot of issues including the preparedness of Luanshya District over the COV19.

The PF Copperbelt Chairman has described the conduct of Mr. Hichilema’s people as evil, inhuman and barbaric and has call UPND to apologise to the Zambian people.

“We want to categorically condemn in the strangest terms the conduct of Mr. Hichilema. How surely can he allow his cadres to beat up these defenceless people? What a shame on Mr. Hichilema who wants to assend to the office of President. We leave it to the people of Zambia to make sound judgement,” Mr. Chanda said.

He said youths, women and persons with physical challenges should know what sort of a leader Mr. Hichilema is.

“Let me just caution our youths, look at this leader and judge if he has a heart for the Zambian people. A leader before he even enters state house is refusing to see you and does not care about the people, but only his selfish interest.”

“These people just went to Mr. Hichilema to engage his Members of Parliament so that they can support Bill 10 since all contentious were addressed by the parliament select report and proposal from Minster of Justice Hon Lubinda during the presentation of bill 10 for the second reading. What do people get, serious beatings. What a shame,” Mr. Chanda said.

Mr. Chanda , who is Luanshya Mayor further high lighted the preparedness of the COV19, as Luanshya district.

“We have continued to encourage our people to adhere to the directives and instructions given by the minister of Health and other relevant bodies.”

He said residents of Luanshya should maintain high levels of cleanliness.

Mr. Chanda said there is need for all citizens to work together and not to politicise the pandemic and as directed all ward Councilors to work hand with members of Parliament, ward development committee and other stakeholders such as the church in sensitisation of the people.

“Am here to say Coronavirus or Covid-19 is a real threat to all of us. To fight it we need to Wash our hands regularly with soap or hand sanitizer, maintain high levels of hygiene, avoid handshakes and body contact and avoid unnecessary public gathering and travelling unnecessary and maintain a distance of 1 meter from your neighbor

Preventing and Fighting this pandemic begins with you and me. Prevention it better than cure, Let’s do this together. ” Mr Chanda

On the roads in Luanshya, Mr. Chanda emphasised that roads will be done, because it is a concern for all including him as Mayor because he uses the same roads.

And callers on the radio applauded Mr. Chanda and encouraged him to continue appearing on radio stations to explain what the PF government is doing and him as Mayor also challenges of climate change and the effects of Covid 19.

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