Now Seer 1 Endorses HH For President


As he swears to unleash death and destruction in Zambia if PF wins.

By Correspondent.

Andrew Ejimadu the South African based Nigerian self styled “prophet” also known as “Seer 1” has thrown his support behind United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema, for next year’s presidential elections.

In a recently released video from South Africa in which he endorsed Hichilema, Seer 1 swore that he would ‘drop his mic’ and stop preaching his satanic “gospel” if Mr. Hichilema lost the 2021 elections.

The flamboyant “prophet” further claimed that his “ancestral powers” were greater than those of Jesus Christ, adding that he would use them to ensure that the ruling Patriotic Front was defeated and Hichilema installed as President of the Republic of Zambia.

A strong advocate of Hichilema, Seer 1 emphasised that he had no heart and that he was ready to kill for the UPND leader.

Andrew Ejimadu, who once ran a “Church” called Christ Freedom Ministries in Lusaka, was deported from Zambia in April 2017, for encouraging unorthodox practices among his congregants, amid reports of rape of his congregants including underage children.

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