Police summons NDC Consultant Chishimba Kambwili


In a desperate attempt to intimidate and silence our Consultant, the police have yet again summoned him to appear for questioning in Luanshya.

A police call out was sent to his residence yesterday and police from kamfinsa have been deployed in the central business district awaiting his appearance at the police.

We are reliably informed that the police want to have Dr. Chishimba Kambwili locked up for a week without charge on the pretext of “on going investigations.”

Most roads leading to Central police have been cordoned off as the police anticipate an “up rise” from the residents who feel the NDC strong man is being persecuted.

We are appalled by this action from the police because known people who were reported of having robbed, butchered our members and damaged two motor vehicles have not been arrested. The statements and evidence was availed to the police but up to now, Boman Lusambo and his cronies are walking the streets free!

We condemn this arbitrary use of state institutions to intimidate and persecute perceived political rivals.

This “convenient” summoning by the police is meant to deter our Consultant from appearing on this evenings Prime TV program dubbed *”Oxygen of Democracy”* a platform that is meant to communicate our Manifesto as a party to the electorates.

We call on all well meaning Zambians to condemn such acts of lunacy and selective application of the law as they are a recipe for anarchy!

NDC Media Team.



  1. What offence has he committed this time? I don’t think Police can act so unprofessional as to arrest a person for no reason or suspected offence. May be we can wait and heat charges will be laid upon him before condemning the police altogether.


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