SOCIALIST party 2021 presidential candidate Dr Fred M’membe yesterday appeared before police following a call out issued to him on July 11. Dr M’membe, who arrived at the Zambia Police Headquarters at 14:15 hours, in the company of his lawyer Ngosa Simachela, was immediately ushered into the Assistant Commissioner Crime’s office, Elizabeth Mbewe. After offeing Dr M’membe and his lawyer seats, Mbewe introduced herself before explaining why he was summoned.

Mbewe told Dr M’membe that she was merely conveying a message from Muchinga Police Division that he was to appear before a Mr Sikota. She read an internal police message, which stated that Fred Imakando M’membe was being sought by the police in Muchinga Province. But Dr M’membe interjected saying he was not Imakando and has never been.

“I am not Imakando, and I have never been…that’s a wrong call out,” Dr M’membe, a lawyer, said.

Mbewe, however, said the mistake on his name would be rectified as she proceeded to read the contents of the message.

“I just wanted to convey that message that’s why I sent the callout because I did not know how to reach you. You are supposed to travel to Muchinga, that’s all,” said Mbewe.

At this stage, Dr M’membe jokingly asked Mbewe if police were going to provide transport for his travel.

“Are you going to provide transport, 900 kilometres is far?” Dr M’membe asked with a smile.

In response, Mbewe said police would provide transport but Dr M’membe clarified that he was going to travel on his own.

“No, we will manage. I don’t want to be escorted in police handcuffs but will you accommodate me because I know that the place [his residence] has police?” he asked.

Mbewe then told Dr M’membe to get in touch with Mr Sikota who issued the police message to attend to the matter he had raised. The Commissioner then released Dr M’membe, emphasising that he should travel to Muchinga..


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