The Police have apprehended the person who killed a Copperbelt University lecturer last week.

Police have said that the suspect was apprehended after he was found fitting the description given by the side chick of late Maximilian Mainza.

However, the Police have refused to name the said suspect for no apparent reasons.

But sources within the Police circle have revealed that the suspect who was arrested has a long history with the girl whom Maximilian Mainza was with the day he was stubbed, around 03.

The source explains that the person who is in police custody is an ex-lover of the side chick of Dr. Mainza.

Last week, Dr. Mainza was stubbed on his way to dropping a student around 03 late hours after a clubbing spree.

He is survived by a wife and three kids who he has left behind.

Instead of just avoiding the killer, Dr. Mainza opted to flex his muscles by coming out of his vehicle to try and fight a knive carrying criminal but he was overpowered and stubbed in the chest.

According to reports, Dr. Mainza was serious intoxicated such that he was not reasoning properly.

The CB lecturer was buried in Monze in his home village.




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