Ethiopian Airlines Pilot Mr. Ahmed Negasi the man who landed the Ethiopian Cargo Plane at a wrong Airport in Ndola has said that the reason for getting lost and landing at a wrong Airport is the ever growing new ultra-modern infrastructure development the Zambian Government has embarked on.

Mr. Negasi told Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) that there was no notice to airmen (NOTAM) regarding construction works at new Ndola airport which has the same runway heading orientation with the existing one led to his wrong landing of the cargo flight from Addis Ababa.

“From the sky I saw this beautiful Airport and in my mind I thought it wow! the Airport has been renovated because it’s been long since I landed at the Ndola Airport because usually my landing Airport in Zambia is the KKIA in the Capital of Zambia,” said Mr. Negasi.

Mr. Ahmed Negasi’s wrong Airport landing made headlines globally and the Airline were forced to make a statement that the details of the incident were under investigations.

“As always Ethiopian Airlines takes flight safety very seriously and treats it as the top most priority and accordingly it will take all necessary corrective and preventive measures in line with the findings of the investigation,” the Airline stated.

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