One of our calls for institutional reforms rests on the need to be able to investigate questionable public dealings with the aim of bringing to book erring public workers.

In this country, we so much lack the political will needed to identify, prioritize and implement only that which guarantees an ordinary Zambian a barely livable life.

At the time when everyone across the world is wondering why Zambians can be suffering when mines are raking in billions of US dollars, in whose interest would it be to sell even the little we have?

Today, any narrative on the mines should be about how we can get even more from these thieving firms. We should want a future where over majority investment is owned by Zambians.

Government must slow down on issuing prospecting and mining licenses. We need to implement a very good mining sector investment policy and a stable and beneficial tax regime before scaling up exploration and opening new mines.

Zambians may appear dull to those bathing in money, but they are not deaf, neither are they blind to see what we write. They are awake to the depths of pain our mothers in villages are made to walk through before we become immortals in our artificial super worlds.

Mpandashalo Evans Mwewa
Global Capstone Centre
For Leadership Development
WhatsApp: +260 977 430702



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