Numerous WhatsApp blogs purporting to be for the PF but in reality intended to spread disinformation have been established, some with the sponsorship of a named political party.

This is in addition to dedicated anti-government internet sites.

The WhatsApp groups to which Ministers and Government officials have been invited are intended to lead them to pornographic sites and other related groups in which they are monitored to facilitate their exposure at an optune time.

The sites deliberately publish exaggerated wrong storis against the opposition, to facilitate repudiation and undermining of PF credibility.

Meanwhile Economic and Equity Party (EEP) president Chilufya Tayali, has revealed the existence of a scheme in which the opposition has started creating community based cells targeting the civil servants including the Police and other forces by creating a home based empowerment scheme.

He said the opposition was also giving loan to civil servants

“Under this scheme money is offered to households on the understanding that they will recruit more households into the scheme.

“They are given a deposit, whose balance would be paid after the requisite number of cell members has been reached.” He said.

He warned the PF to be careful of such propaganda

“While the PF is in its comfort zone, the opposition is scheming on how best to use social media propaganda and other means to win the 2021 elections.

“These incentives are for civil servants and ordinary citizens who are being recruited through household empowerment,’’ he said.

He said the opposition had hired a sophisticated propaganda team made of foreign experts who are using loans to recruit more members while wagging a strong mudslinging campaign against the ruling party through social media,

He said most PF WhatsApp groups had been infiltrated and that a number of new groups purported to be opened by ruling party members through a scheme aimed at luring PF members by asking them to join other WhatsApp groups purportedly for PF members but as we get to 2021, messages in these groups will tilt towards propaganda for the opposition.

“Apart from that, they have recognized the power of social media. They have dedicated people on social media whose job is to respond to negative comments and this is why you see that even on my page, if I post anything against the opposition, you will see a lot of comments attacking me,’’ Mr Tayali said


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