Nason Msoni


ALL People’s Congress party leader Nason Msoni’s sentiments are misplaced as the American government has no powers to impose sanctions on the PF government, PF media director Sunday Chanda has said.

Mr Chanda told the Daily Nation that it was unfortunate that Mr Msoni was ignorant about the country’s affairs.

Mr Chanda said that Mr Msoni was a disgruntled opposition leader who should not be taken seriously by well meaning Zambians.

Mr Msoni is quoted in one of the tabloids saying that the US must impose specific sanctions on troublemakers in PF government.

Mr Msoni said the language used on the American government by some government officials was inviting sanctions.

He said government would be in order to impose sanctions on specific officials that was attacking it.

He appealed to the US government and the European Union to take note of all trouble makers of the PF regime and apply specific smart sanctions on the individuals as the case was with the Zimbabwean ministers.

But Mr Chanda said the PF would not take the matter seriously as it was mere utterances from the opposition leader. He also said that it was embarrassing for a person of such calibre to utter unwarranted statements against the PF government.

He said only an unpatriotic citizen can involve foreign countries in the welfare of the country.

“Mr Msoni is an embarrassment to this country. It is only someone who is unpatriotic who can start talking about the welfare of this country to foreign countries. Remarks coming from Mr Msoni are very embarrassing and he must be ashamed for coming out like that,” Mr Chanda said.



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