3rd October 2019 – There is a reason UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has been rejected by Zambians repeatedly for five (05) times in a row. The man has zero emotional intelligence and too egocentric. Who are his advisers? Who does Hichilema listen to? What informs his failure to act appropriately within the season?

Hakainde took to Twitter to ridicule and insult the intelligence and sacrifice of our commandos and the military. This is someone aspiring to become Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces?

If anyone ever wondered why Hichilema cannot and will never become President of Zambia – Here it is! Besides him being a novice in matters of Statecraft, he is also a security danger to himself and the nation at large.

The men and women in uniform he chose to ridicule and whose sacrifice he insulted have pledged to defend the nation’s flag with their lives. Does Hichilema understand what that sacrifice entails and why they do it?

How could it be that Hakainde, his functionaries and his lapdogs in the alliance could call our special forces, the commandos, the military, and the Commander in Chief as isangomas and ritualists? Would Zambians entrust their lives and national security in the hands of such a novice; such an under five (5) politician? Can our security wings go about their duties confident they have a Commander-in-chief who identifies with their sacrifices? Can they ever trust him after ridiculing them and insulting their sacrifices in serving mother Zambia?

We hate to say it but Hichilema has already lost the 2021 election, no matter what he does. UPND must start the search for a new leader because by insulting defense and special units, Hichilema is a spent force and his 2021 loss will be the most humiliating ever. According to Hichilema and UPND, all the sacrifice and hardship our special units go through to keep our country is satanism, it is rituals? What an insult to our nation’s honour and security?

Zambia does not have to be a military state for Hichilema and UPND to realize they have overstretched their boundaries and their desperation for power stinks!

We shudder to imagine that Mr. Hakainde Hichilema, a man who aspires to one day become Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces can give “blessings” to insults and all the name-calling targeted at the Special Forces, the Military, and the Commander in Chief of the Armed forces. UPND has insulted the Country’s armed forces all because of their obsession with His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and apparent belief that anyone who stands next to the Commander in Chief, even if it is a nonpartisan military officer, is somehow a cadre and political foe.

UPND’s insults against the Country’s armed forces underline how their leader sees almost every issue through a prism of how it affects his image and prestige and what he can gain from it, politically.

Mr. Hichilema’s degrading of our special forces and the army in general demonstrates a profound lack of understanding of how our military and intelligence agencies operate, and undermines further compromises his ambitions as someone seeking to be Commander-in-Chief one day and expects the same institutions he is allowing to be insulted and ridiculed to salute him one day?

We advise Hichilema to pause for a moment and back off from insulting or demeaning the men and women in uniform, working 24/7 to defend our national honour to the point of risking and losing their own lives.

Issued by:

Sydney Njamba
PF South Africa Chapter



  1. Comment:You are the ones who are doing what you are accusing HH. where is upnd media, why are you not saying anything over this? these pf will twist any piece of information to accuse Upnd and HH. we are going towards election and they have already said the army is on their side, what does this mean? they want protection from the army, so the first thing is to accuse opposition. UPND media wake up.

  2. Comment:that’s a fake story show us the video to believe,don’t say bad words to put someone down and we Zambians we think do u think we can believe any story stop propaganda

  3. Wait until this venomous hate and lies lead into genocide will Zambians grow up and out of the stupid belief of being a peaceful nation! Seems those in positions of power have realized the sweetness of being in power and holding on to it irrespective of what effects it has on the citizenry. I marvel at how George Orwell foresaw the unfolding events in his writings.

  4. Dear brethren in PF one short man exalted power as being so sweet that he wanted to perpetuate his stay at the helm by trying to go for the third term, and he failed! The next person has clinched his third term but we are yet to see how things pan out. People never learn!!!

  5. Dullness and stupidity we don’t eat bane!! This time around we shall teach you the lesson that you will never ever forget in your remaining days on planet Earth! Forward we go! Zambia is for every Zambian. We shall see you soon, my promise

  6. Ba FuManchu, what do you mean genocide? for what? Fire in the name of Jesus, do not be cheated by this comment above, As we are preparing for a national day of prayer let pray for such people God to forgive them and ask Him to let them see and appreciate.

  7. The PF government under the Leadership of His Excellency The President Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu is working to improve the living standard in all coners of this country of Zambia. Those supporting HH will soon come back to the winning team, is HH going to be droping food on your homes or giving Jobs in your homes, the answer is no, you have to work hard even in these developed countries people work hard for them to eat. some of the developed countries accommodation is expensive food might be cheaper.


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