The Ruling Patriotic Front Member of the Central Committee and MCC Provincial Chairman North Western Province Jackson Kungo has said that United Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema sees everything with tribal lenses.

In a statement released to the Mr Kungu accused Mr Hichilema of leading a party that only gives opportunities to Tongas.

Below is the full statement



It is extremely shocking that Hakainde Hichilema has referred to political parties in Zambia as “tribes” and “ethnic groups” as reported in News Diggers of 5 Sep 2019 where he is quoted as having wildly alleged that “PF are xenophobic towards other tribes”. What “tribe” is PF and what “tribe” is UPND?

What is equally disturbing is that HH has taken issue with the Zambian Government for condemning the on-going xenophobia and black-on-black violence in South Africa. Hichilema clearly lacks wisdom.

Why does he choose to see everything through tribal lenses? It is because UPND has an exclusive quota system that says only a particular tribe can rule UPND so he thinks every other political party is tribally inclined like his.

At the time of the death of Mazoka, Hichilema was an unknown entity and he was not in any structure of UPND and definitely nowhere in the hierarchy of UPND, but ended up as leader of UPND because of the “Only a Tonga Must rule UPND” covenant within the party.

PF, on the other hand, gives every Zambian from every tribe an opportunity to aspire and contest for any position. After the death of the founding father late President Michael Sata – a Northerner (MHSRIP), Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu from Eastern Province contested intra-party elections and won.

Added to this, such as the national character of PF that the Chairman is from Northern Province, while the Vice President is from Western Province, and the Chairperson for women is from North-western and the Provincial Chairman overseeing Lusaka hails from Southern Province.

Hichilema’s reference to political parties as “tribes” should not come as a surprise, because that’s what tribalist like him do. They see politics and everything else through tribal lenses and they encourage bloc voting along the same tribal lines.

HH is just wrong for Zambia on so many levels!

He boasts about being knowledgeable, but he lacks wisdom.

We have a crisis on our hands and he is still drunk with the obsession to be President of Zambia at all costs!

Our brothers and sisters are dying in South Africa but Hichilema chooses to play politics. Why can’t he put politics aside and talk about sensible things? Why is he so cold and insensitive?

Why is everything desperately tribal and political for him? Why does he behave like a bloodthirsty hound sniffing around for opportunities to gain political mileage even in the face of the tragic black-on-black bloodbath in South Africa?

In the words of A.J Chai:

_“desperate people lose the thing that makes them human beings. They lose their heart. Anger and hate fill them so that they act like animals.”_

Where is the humanity in HH? Does he have any “Ubuntu”? Isnt it so ironic that he is so desperate to be understood that he forgets to be understanding?

Why is UPND and HH himself not taking a stand and why is he not condemning Xenophobia in South Africa? Could his associates be behind it?

How can a right-thinking person denounce the government for condemning xenophobia against Africans and Zambians of all tribes in South Africa?
“Banene”, being in opposition doesn’t mean just opposing everything for the sake of it. That is immoral and desperate opportunism.

HH may claim to be knowledgeable but Knowledge without wisdom is like water in the sand; and if you are filled with pride, you will have no room for wisdom.

Why doesn’t he look and learn from the opposition wisdom and maturity of Julius Malema in South Africa?

The politics of desperation of HH are tribal and very immature. His impulsiveness reactions and blind desperation create critical lapses in his judgment. It is this bitter desperation that has constantly been behind his poor decision making and knee jerk reactions.
This is why he has yielded poor outcomes through 5 Presidential Elections over the 13 years he has led UPND.

Is this the kind of tribal, immature, impulsive and insensitive person that can be trusted to lead this country?



  1. I checked the up nd quota system and there is no where bit says only a tonga can be president of upnd, all it says is that the top 4 positions will be shared from different provinces. Its unfortunate sir that you take zambians to be fool, you want zambians to only believe your lies and you know deep down your heart that you are lying. can you name which persons said only a tonga can be upnd president? all the the people that said these words are oppotunists not sincere members of upnd they said those words then crossed to mmd and as we speak they sin I or members of pf. Munkombwe too said these words a week after he lost Lungu’s favour in fact he was still pf southern province minister though Parliament had just been dissolved. Be factual and not insinuate that zambians are fools to believe your lies just to remain in power, you are an embarrassment


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