PF cadres continue to Disrupt Opposition Radio Appearances Despite Warning from Government

The ruling Patriotic Front Cadres have continued to disrupt radio appearances of opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema.

The latest is being in Isoka where PF cadres, according to Mr. Hichilema, violently invaded and disrupted the radio programme he was featured on, at Isoka Community Radio Station.

However, according to Gerald Silwamba, the District Chairman for Patriotic Front, Isoka District, the UNPD leader, and his supporters behaved in what he described as a shameful way by using cheap politicking tactics to insult and provoke people and then act like a victim to try and attract cheap sympathy.

“While we respect the freedom of speech, that freedom should not be used to provoke situations and insult sympathisers of government’s fight against corona virus,” Mr. Silwamba said.

Mr. Silwamba said that whilst Isoka, Muchinga, Zambia and the world at large is busy fighting COVID-19, PF in the District noted with deep disappointment the cheap politics that UPND’s regional leader is playing by provoking and insulting ruling party and Government sympathisers.

“Isoka and Muchinga have been at peace until Hichilema deliberately started provoking sympathisers of the ruling party and supporters of the Government in the Covid 19 War,” he said.

Mr. Silwamba added: “While we condemn Hichilema, we commend the police for acting very quickly and we appeal for continued calm among our residents who are being tempted by the insults and provocation of wicked minded politicians who want to win cheap sympathy”.

Mr. Silwambaalso dismissed the the images circulating on social media of a man with a deep cut on the forehead saying the images are not from the Isoka District but sponsored by the UPND to deceive members of the public.

“We however caution the UPND leader not to think he can take Isoka and Muchinga people for a ride,” he concluded..

And reacting to the continued behaviour of PF cadres, Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya said that Government is saddened that suspected Patriotic Front cadres have disregarded its advice to refrain from storming and disrupting programming at Radio stations. Ms. Siliya said that she regretted the incident which happened at Isoka Community Radio Station as it came after government’s advice.

Ms. Siliya, who is also Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services, has however praised Police in the district for their quick response to the situation.

She has maintained the government position that it stands with the media and condemns in the strongest terms the harassment and threat of violence against any media house.

The Minister told ZNBC News in a statement that the government does not support any thuggery behavior because an attack on any media house is an attack on Zambians.

She said the government expects political parties and the police to address unruly cadres because it believes influence and not violence serve Zambia well in the country’s democratic dispensation.

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