The leadership of the governing Patriotic Front says that contrary to assertions by some sections of society, the ruling Party has always been committed to upholding peace and justice for all Zambians, irrespective of their status in society.

As a matter of principle, the Patriotic Front believes in the independence of the three arms of Government and this has been demonstrated by the number acquittals individuals with different political belonging are receiving from the Courts of law. Clearly, this is not what comes out of a dictatorship. The PF believes in upholding and defending the rule of law.

“As Zambia’s ruling Party, Patriotic Front shall continue to work for peace and justice for all, including ensuring that institutions to dispense justice are independent and strong. We have remained guided by the dictum made by His Holiness, Pope Paul VI when he said: “If you want peace work for justice”. The Patriotic Front has always stood for the preservation of human dignity, harmonious coexistence and justice for all.

Under the Patriotic Front, Zambia has a progressive Constitution and should have been a model for the world had the Referendum on more and better rights not been sabotaged by a political agenda. Patriotic Front believes far and better human and civil rights as it advanced in the Referendum, are the cornerstone of our democracy,” says the Party’s Secretary General Davis Mwila.

Commenting on the Party’s commitment to deliver on all its campaign promises, Hon Mwila noted, “Patriotic Front remains conscious that the aspirations of our people are enormous and cannot be totally met in a short space time.

“There is no delusion of grandeur which blinds the ruling Party from the reality of the immense suffering that afflicts the multitudes of our people daily. The economy has been growing, yet the levels of inequalities remain. The yawning gap between the “haves and have-not” is growing and disconcerting. The production of wealth is on the rise yet few people benefit. The increasing number of people who remain trapped in poverty is disturbing since it poses serious threat to our democracy if left unattended. But we have a strong conviction that together with our people we shall overcome and push back the frontiers of poverty. It is only through concerted effort involving all the stakeholders in our society that we can turn the tide.”

Patriotic Front continues to value the role of the Church in the life of the nation. It is in accordance with this perspective that the relevance of the Church, its role in society becomes critical; because there cannot be true peace and justice amid suffering, abject poverty and glaring inequalities. We remain committed to doing more for our people!

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