Outsiders Hijacking Our Party UPND, Cries Youth Chair Mufalali

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Often, We see or hear UPND members ESPECIALLY those who are former PF members like Sylvia Masebo, Obvious Mwaliteta, Judge Ngoma e.t.c point at the PF and accuse the PF leadership of being hijacked by MMD members, as most of the current crop of both Cabinet , Provincial Ministers and Top National Patriotic Front Officials are former MMD diehards e.g Current Information And Broadcasting Services Minister Dora Siliya who served as Communications Minister And Information Minister under Rupiah Banda’s Presidency, and Bowman Lusambo, the former MMD Diehard youth wing commander and current Lusaka Province Minister , as well as Ex MMD official and Current Eastern Province Minister Makebi Zulu, Current BOZ Governor Christopher Mphanza Mvunga who was once a staunch MMD diehard under the Banda administration e.t.c.. blah blah blah, the list goes on and on.

BUT this is also exactly what is happening in UPND, HELLOOOOOOOOO !!!! The same way that UPND members point fingers at PF and say Ex MMD members have taken over PF IS ALSO THE SAME WAY THAT NEWCOMERS AND NEW ENTRANTS INTO UPND FROM OUTSIDE ARE QUICKLY BEING PROMOTED TO TOP POSITIONS WITHIN UPND… TAKE FOR INSTANCE, Anthony Bwalya and Mubita Nawa only just recently joined UPND , BUT ALREADY both have been appointed as Hakainde Hichilema’s special Presidential staff.

IN JUST LESS THAN 2-AND-A-HALF MONTHS OF BEING UPND MEMBERS, BOTH ANTHONY BWALYA AND MUBITA NAWA ARE ALREADY PART OF HAKAINDE HICHILEMA’S KITCHEN CABINET….. AND YET, within UPND , there are longserving Excellent and Seasoned Party Image builders BOTH ON THE GROUND AND ON PUBLIC MEDIA FORA like Party Media Director Ruth Dante, Media team members Mr Cheelo , Mark Simuuwe , Brian Chafwila and others, NOT FORGETTING the likes of Kabwe-based seasoned UPND image builder Samantha Bwalya, Zemoono Moono A.K.A Zee Fixer, the leader of the UPND Fixing Team Media, Kassy Queen Ila , Ex Kabushi Constituency UPND Youth Chairman Hitmus Mulengu , Master UPND online Blogger Bruce B Bwalya A.K.A Triple B and others just to mention a few who have done so sooooo much for UPND BOTH ON THE GROUND AND ON SOCIAL MEDIA , but have been shunted to the sidelines in preference for Abena Anthony Bwalya, Mubita Nawa and Chellah Tukuta the Joker-Photographer.

Ruth Dante has headed the UPND Media Team for so long and spends day and night marketing Hakainde Hichilema’s image on Social media FROM HER OWN POCKET. AND ON THE GROUND, She (Dante) has been a victim of physical brutality and threatening harrassment from PF cadres.

Mrs Dante was once fired from government due to her links with UPND and she has given everything up for UPND BUT NOT EVEN ONCE HAS SHE EVER BEEN CALLED UP TO BE PART OF HAKAINDE HICHILEMA’S KITCHEN CABINET. The same goes for Mark Simuuwe, an Ex Prime TV journalist who was once abducted by state intelligence operatives from within lusaka and dumped way far outside of lusaka and even being falsely accused of motor vehicle theft.

Simuuwe has had to change physical addresses in the past because of threats on his life from PF cadres nomba alifye pa media team yaba UPND , NO PROMOTION , but he is ever hammering the PF on social media with his expert digestion and analysis of current affairs events.

Brian Chafwila was once on the run when Anti-Robbery Squad A.K.A C5 operatives physically followed him at his home because of the brilliant work that he does marketing UPND’s public image on media platforms, AND YET he has NEVER, EVER been considered for elevation beyond the UPND Media team.

And then there are the likes of Zemoono Moono A.K.A Zee Fixer the leader of the UPND fixing team media whose facebook accounts have been hacked into by PF intelligence ops several times in the past. Zemoono Moono was off social media several times in the past because PF intelligence ops kept on hacking into his official facebook pages and accounts and even threatening his life.

Zee Fixer has a very large public following on social media and his facebook posts always get plenty of likes and shares BUT NOT EVEN ONCE has Zee even been called for appointment to the UPND media team.

Kabwe-based UPND Online blogger Samantha Bwalya has also gone through EXACTLY WHAT ZEE FIXER HAS GONE THROUGH FOR UPND. Samantha Bwalya was once offered K500,000 by the PF to stop attacking them (PF) on social media but she turned the mouth-watering offer down due to her love for UPND. Bwalya was also once offered a University scholarship by the PF to entice her to join PF, BUT SHE REFUSED THE SCHOLARSHIP AND TURNED IT DOWN. BUT NOT EVEN ONCE has Bwalya ever been called up to even be interviewed to ask her if she wants to be part of the UPND media team.

Ex Kabushi Constituency UPND Youthwing Chairman Hitmus Mulengu has been approached several times to ditch UPND to join PF but he has turned all the offers down. At one point, Mulengu was offered A BRAND NEW TOYOTA HILUX PLUS K250,000 HARD CASH to join PF , BUT HE TURNED DOWN THE OFFER because of his love and affection for UPND. And Mulengu is also a sharpshooter on social media for UPND. In the run up to the 2016 general elections, Bruce B Bwalya A.K.A Triple B was in dire financial strain at the time his mother was seriously sick.

The PF secretly approached Triple B and offered to “help” him with K80,000 to help his ailing mother – OF COURSE, ON CONDITION THAT HE JOINED PF , BUT HE REFUSED and turned down the offer for the sake of his being a UPND Diehard. At one point, Triple B was in a fix when his wife needed to pay for her University fees and all she needed was JUST K2,000 to pay the credit for her University fees in order to be allowed to do her couses. BUT NOBODY WITHIN UPND EVER CAME TO THE AID OF TRIPLE B and as a result, his wife had to miss a whole University term , elo ninshi UPND nichipani chama MPs na President wandrama but they couldn’t help Triple B out of his predicament.

But here come Newcomers like Chellah Tukuta, Anthony Bwalya and Mubita Nawa AND BOOM !!! STRAIGHT AWAY APPOINTED INTO HAKAINDE HICHILEMA’S INNER CIRCLE !!!

And then some people tell us to say “just persevere, UPND is our home, it’s in our blood and tribal heritage” e.t.c… MA LABISHI !!! To continue watching Newcomers become HH confidants whilst longserving UPND members who have done far much more for the party are shunted to the sidelines in the name of “sacrificing for the party” ??? HELLLLLL NOPE !!!!

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