Our Honorary Doctorates will Challenge us to Provide Quality Education-President Lungu

President Edgar Lungu says the Honorary Doctorates conferred to him and his Zimbabwean counterpart Emmerson Mnangagwa is challenge for them to provide quality education for the people.

President Lungu said he is honoured by the conferment of the Doctorate.

“I personally, take this honour as a challenge for us to continue providing the kind of leadership which will enable our two great countries move towards prosperity and provide a better life for our people by ensuring that we continue to extend this honour to our people,” President Lungu said.

“We can always honour them by ensuring that access to quality education at primary, secondary and higher education levels is assured for them.”

He said Zambia and Zimbabwe must continue to place emphasis on preparing the youths for the 4th Industrial Revolution, in the education that is provided for them.

President Lungu said the two countries do not want to remain behind.

“I challenge the corporate sector to partner with government and contribute towards infrastructure development at our public education institution

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