In a private conversation whose details have been leaked to KT, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema was promised full support from the XYZ founder Mwila Musonda known as Slap D.

Slap D candidly told HH that there has never been a best time to begin mobilising for elections because he is destined to be in State House.

The UPND leader has recognized the works of artists and in particular paid growing respect to the Hip-hop rapper who was recently crowned one of Africa’s best rappers by CNN.

The XYZ founder complained that the art industry in Zambia is hard because only those who sing praise songs for politicians are the ones supported.

PF has literally ignored entertainers apart from those who sing praise songs for them.

Meanwhile,HH wrote this;

Just had a phone conversation with one King Dizzo or Slap Dee. One of our country’s hip hop artists. Our chat mainly centered on development.

We must say, the brother is full of energy and we wished him well and God’s blessings in his career. To us, when in government, music will be serious business or “big bine”.

To every artist out there, trying to make a living, we say: never say die because Hope and Help na Lesa pa ntashi is on the way.


-The Kwacha Times


  1. Comment:if you said,those who praise politician then ask your self,if you will not going to be praise HH,are going to insult HH in songs,stop lying my brother those cheap politics akulyenifye ba kalamba and HH is a big looser


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