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THE current debate of whether or not Zambia is set to lose its sovereignty to China, given the loans it has contracted for its various projects spells of how willing, untired and committed the West is set at ensuring they maintain hegemony.

It is plainly clear that the West has lost its significance and ground in African, given that, China’s policy of permitting mutual benefits with its bilateral partners has earned it many friends, thus becoming a leading partner of trade in this continent which was once considered dark. The simple truth is that the West is jealousy of China.

We know with certainty that China is prone to exploit its relations with Africa. Just like we know that the West is equally evil on this score – but if we were to choose between the two, the former is less evil because the West has it’s DNA of imposing conditionalies laded with hypocrisy on any financial assistance given to Africa.

Today, countries in the West like United States of America accords itself the right to wage war at will, under a doctrine of “anticipatory self-defence” with unstated bounds. International law, treaties, and rules of the world order are sternly imposed on others with much self-righteous posturing, but dismissed as irrelevant for the United States – a long standing practice, driven to new depths by both the Reagan and Bush II administration.
But we know that the elementary of moral truism is the principle of universality: we must apply to ourselves the same standards we do to others, if not more stringent ones. This principle is blatantly ignored and condemned as outrageous by the West. This is particularly shameful of them, for their moral piety and has presumed the definition of hypocrites in the Gospel.

We can’t in anyway consider this a double-standard because that is an understatement. It fits to be called a single-standard; all for ourselves and nothing for others. In 1980, US launched a terror onslaught against Nicaragua. They justified that terror on civilians – which the International Court of Justice and UN Security Council both condemned – that, terrorist attack on civilian targets should be evaluated on “pragmatic grounds”’; a sensible policy should meet the cost-benefit analysis of the amount of blood and misery that will be poured in, and the likelihood that democracy will emerge at the other end.

In 2005, the Bush administration had a dilemma where Venezuela was seeking an extradition of one of the most notorious Latin American terrorists, Luis Posada Carrliles, to face charges for the bombing of a Cuban airliner, killing seventy-three people. Despite that charges were credible, after Posada escaped from the Venezuela prison; he was hired by the US to play a critical role in the onslaught against Nacaragua.

Here lies a critical example of many other single-standard hypocrisy of the West.
It is of little wonder today that the West has engaged into the most vicious propaganda against the China-African relations to an extent that they are now claiming through all sorts of ways that Zambia’s sovereignty is soon to be lost to China.

Of course these are lies born of out sheer envy for China. The West has over time taken Africa as its slave and source of prosperity. They came with huge monies whose sources are our very own God endowed resources which they stole since that unfortunate day in 1652 when they invaded Africa. These monies they used to control our affairs are no longer the only choice Africa has.

We have a story to tell about the various aid packages which the West pumped into Africa since inception in 1940 and the story comes under one common headline for all African countries; failed.

Today, Africa is no more bound to these bloody monies where in order for a single state to benefit, they need to dance to the tune of the West. They ask us to accept the transgression of our own cultures and customs such as accepting marriages between man and man, and not between two distinct species of human.

The China they accuse to be taking over Africa, as noted by President Lungu in Parliament today, has no record of colonialism. Why then should China seek to colonize Africa and Zambia today than before?

Of course, we say these things not to defend any demerits of these loans that President Lungu and his administration are contracting from China. But we state that, however benevolent, no single individual state will give Zambia or Africa financial aid of any form, without string of conditions. The people of China are not giving us these loans for free, and we are aware of that. Perhaps, Edgar’s government prefers them as less evil than the Western help which is more evil.

What is sad is that some elements like Hakainde are now conduits being used by the discredited West to discredit the Zambia-China relations. Of course we should not be surprised because this is the same person who is at the centre of the exploitations that came with the selling of the mines which the West grabbed from Zambia for peanuts in 90s. Let Hakainde take a back seat, in these issues because he is a guilty fellow, a hypocrite, a cheat and a discredited dog of the wind.



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