…It Will Be Grossly Improper to Try Predetermine What DPP Will Decide

9th August, 2017

HER Excellency Right Honourable Patricia Scotland has clarified that she is not in the country to interfere in the treason trial against Hakainde Hichilema or arm twist the DPP to enter into a nolle prosequi.

Briefing the media on her marathon of meetings with various State and non State actors including the the two leaders, President Edgar Lungu and Hichilema, the Commonwealth Secretary General who is a vast learned counsel and attorney general noted that interference in this case or any judicial case will be grossly improper for the body she represents as well as herself.

She noted that to acquit or set trial for Hichilema was the entire preserve of the Director of Public Prosecution who must be allowed to operate independently.

She said the DPP should not be influenced by politics on whether to issue a nolle or not.

Hon. Scotland noted that President Lungu and his entire executive equally could not play a hand as to have Hichilema acquitted.

However Hon. Scotland said both parties are aware of each others position but are fully committed to put 2016 elections behind them and look forward to ensure a peaceful environment for the country.

She announced that Commonwealth will play a facilitator role in the dialogue that both parties have eagerly agreed to.

Ms Scotland also announced that she would soon be appointing an envoy to Zambia to facilitate this.

She further indicated that both parties had agreed to put in place some reforms that will be reviewed in 2019.

Hon. Scotland also said that a roadmap to facilitate this dialogue will also be put in place and was highly hopeful that desired results would be achieved.

She emphasised that President Lungu is the duly elected President of Zambia whilst Hichilema is a leader of the opposition.


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