Robert Mugabe’s family say they are shocked at not having been consulted by the government about arrangements for the funeral of the former Zimbabwean president.

Mr Mugabe, who was 95, died last week while undergoing medical treatment in a Singapore hospital.

His body is being prepared to lie in state at a football stadium in Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare.

His family and the government disagree over Mr Mugabe’s final resting place.

Mr Mugabe’s family says his body will be displayed in his home village of Kutama on Sunday night, and will be buried at a private ceremony on Monday or Tuesday. The government had wanted him to be interred at the National Heroes monument in Harare.

“We note with extreme concern the manner with which the government of Zimbabwe has developed the programme for the funeral of the late Robert Gabriel Mugabe without consulting his immediate family who were tasked with communicating his last wishes in regard to his funeral and burial,” the family said in a statement.

“As his immediate family, we have also observed with shock that the government of Zimbabwe is attempting to coerce us to accept a programme for the funeral and burial of the late Robert Gabriel Mugabe which is contrary to his wishes on how he wished to have his mortal remains interred.”



  1. The Mugabe family must think again there is no need of being emotional, Gabriel was a public figure and known all over the world you cannot simply claim that he be buried in a private village grave. I mean people in general would like to know where he is buried indeed this man was a states man who should be remembered not only by the few members of his family.
    Mugabe had a much bigger family than his relatives think, Gabriel had millions of friends through out the whole globe, be mature enough and be considerate enough to do what is more reasonable than thinking like people who are not aware of what this man achieved.


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