News Diggers Castigates HH For Insulting Mothers

By Diggers Editor

MR Edgar Lungu can easily top the list of most insulted Presidents on the continent, if not, in the world. Here in Zambia, he is definitely the most ridiculed Head of State that we have ever had.

This does not come as a surprise. If we are allowed to speak frankly, we will say President Lungu has allowed free speech and given room to Zambians to freely express themselves. Although most are loyal to him, it is a fact that two-thirds of his members of Cabinet feel they can make better presidents than Mr Lungu if they were given an opportunity. They will never come forward to admit this, but every Cabinet Minister reading this knows that we have hit the nail on the head.

What made Mr Lungu become President of this Republic is a story that has been told repeatedly by different people on various platforms and in various formats. For the avoidance of repeating ourselves, let’s just say we are all agreed to the fact that this is a president who found himself in the right room at the right time. But these ambitions and freedoms should not cause us to insult Mr Lungu anytime we so wish.

As for opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema, he should concentrate more on spreading a message of hope than insulting. Insulting voters can never win Mr Hichilema any votes, in fact it will destroy him completely. Mr Hichilema should swallow his pride and genuinely apologise for his recent public insults of “cikala” and “pamung’oko”. Such insults on public fora are not befitting of someone we consider to be our incoming Republican President.

Our fear is that if Mr. Hichilema starts insulting today, and cannot humble himself, what more when he is inaugurated next year on 12 August 2021? Hichilema must learn to be as tolerant as Lungu, before his secured victory of 2021 slips away.

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