By James H. Chona

I laughed when I heard people complaining about the new state house. What most of us don’t think about (which I hope those planning are thinking of), is that the relocation of State House can actually be self financed.

With a golfing estate on the cards at Lusaka golf club, part of the current state house grounds (which houses a nicely designed golf course), can actually be leased along with Lusaka golf club for development as part of a bigger consortium.

There is only one landmark of historical relevance that can be preserved as museum. That’s the Governors house in this picture. The rest of the grounds can be redeveloped into a modern prime residential estate with scenic views of the golf course. All those old houses around State House should be demolished and relocated to the new state house.

Now, imagine the value of such a transaction? That land is prime and will go at a premium. It should be able to finance a new construction. Only problem pa Zed is that once such a project is proposed, many want “ukulyamo” and if they don’t benefit they will always suspect that someone else has benefited.



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