Nervers Mumba Abandoned Me When I Was Cheating On My Wife But HH Supported Me – Chellah Tukuta


DISGRACED Photographer Chellah Tukuta has revealed that the reason why he reneged on his vow to remain a supporter of MMD’s Nevers Mumba is because while he was busy cheating on his wife with Chrisha Frost, the MMD President abandoned him but the UPND leader supported him.

Chellah is trying to justify his move to join the UPND when he had vowed never to abandon MMD and Nevers Mumba.

However, shortly, Chellah pulled down his post on his official facebook page.

He has joined the UPND in the wake of countless scandalous articles he has been publishing about Zambians.
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One thought on “Nervers Mumba Abandoned Me When I Was Cheating On My Wife But HH Supported Me – Chellah Tukuta

  1. HH is the talk of the town. The question one might want to ask is, “why him alone”?
    The reason is simple. He poses the most challenging question touching on the very possible point of exit for a party that has changed the face of zambian Politics from bad to worse.
    He does not need to campaign outside his home any more because his movements are well monitored and the possibility of him being eliminated is in bold letters.
    There are very scared little men that thought they were too big and untouchable. But time is ticking and unfortunately for these men, it is not possible to stop time. It is coming very soon and for sure the Exit signs are very visible.
    Give life s chance, you have done what you could but unfortunately everything is against you.
    Do not be like pharaoh and do not shed blood. There is always a time for everything and this you were told well in advance. Do things the normal way and you shall hear God’s voice. Stop the scheming because on the ground people are not happy.
    If you love this country do not destroy it. No matter how much money you have, it Will never be enough.
    My advice is, leave while it is safe for you. People are angry because they are hungry. A hungry man is an angry man.
    If you choose to live on or hang on in there, you may have to massacre a good number of them and end up at the Hague.
    People are talking about the weaponry you are preparing to kill the very people you pretend to love. God is watching.

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