The National Dialogue Forum (NDF) has adopted a presidential electoral system that would provide for formation of coalition government to avoid re-run if no candidate obtains over 50% plus one of the valid votes cast in a general election. This came to light on Monday when a motion was moved by during discussions on secondary issues for amending the Coonstitution of Zambia and the Electoral Process Act.

Speaking during a media briefing, NDF Spokesperson confirmed that the Forum is favourably considering a system that would provide for the coalition intended to amalgamate presidential votes to more than 50% but said the details would be worked out later after careful research.

The Forum has adopted the mixed member proportional system of governance which will promote representation of various interest groups in society such as women and differently-abled citizens, reduce by elections, while maintaining the first past the post for constituency based seats. The system, it was explained was to provide for a system of replacement for a member of parliament and councillor upon vacation other than by reason of a general election
However, Mr. Mwanza said that the Forum resolved to give the mixed member representation time to research in order to come up with the model that would work best for Zambia.

“The Forum also resolved to adopt the provisions to allow Zambians in the diaspora to register as voters and participate as voters without the need for them to physically travel to Zambia for elections. An opportunity has also opened for persons in correctional facilities to vote during elections,” said Mr. Mwanza

Meanwhile drama characterised the last part of the day on Monday as delegates became divided on the motion moved by the Kabwe lawmaker, Tutwa Ngulube, to requiring civil servants to resign 3 years before running for elections. The proposal was largely supported by serving members of parliament but seen as a self-preservation tactic by non-members of Parliament except a few parties like United Nations Independence Party.


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