It is a very big disappointment that our member of parliament Joseph Chishala went against the opposition consensus to walk out on bill 10, says Chishimba Kambwili’s senior private secretary Fabian Mutale.

Mutale said Chishala was supposed to walk out together with the other members of parliament from UPND and a few independents when justice minister Given Lubinda presented the bill to Parliament for second reading, but he went against the consensus.

Mutale said efforts to get in touch with Chishala on the eventual day proved futile as his phone kept ringing before it went off. He said Chishala could still not take calls the following day.

He said Chishala had three options; to walk out, abstain and to vote against, saying that he had now remained with two since he had abrogated on the first one.

“We agreed all the opposition that we should walk out. We have failed to get hold of him. It was a consensus as alliance partners, so if one member behaves like that it’s unfortunate,” said Mutale.

Efforts to talk to National Democratic Congress (NDC) leader Kambwili himself proved futile as he kept cutting the line.


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