The newly appointed vice president of the UPND Mutale Nalumango seems not to be getting into the good books with their party president over the adoption process.

The UPND recently extended the period of adoption due to its failure to source for aspirants to contest on UPND. The only regions that have successfully managed to file in their applications are North Western and Southern province.

Originally it is the executive committee of the UPND that must choose who should be adopted. However Mr Hichilema has been changing certain aspirants who should be selected for his benefit.

Mr Hichilema has mostly been choosing candidates who have a tonga origin which has forced madam Nalumango to question Mr Hichilemas actions.

Two members of the committee recently Defected from UPND citing regionalism in the party. The two were Mr Charles Kakoma and Mr Ephraim Belemu who went further to explain that he and his family members were attacked on the basis of tribe despite being a member of the very party.

We are yet to hear the next actions of Madam Nalumango who has strongly criticized Mr Hichilemas actions

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