My Vote Is Not A Secret, Once I Beat Corona, I Will Campaign For UPND And Vote HH – Laura Miti

Alliance for Community Action Director Laura Miti has continued to publicly declare her political stance after years of operating ignonito hiding under the cloak of Civil Society.

The self proclaimed Human rights activist and staunch critic of the PF Government is currently battling with the new strain of the coronavirus disease. Speaking on a phone interview from isolation at her home, she said that her condition is mild and rest assured she will be back up on her feet to make sure she campaigns and votes for Zambia’s next President Hakainde Hichilema.

”I am doing well, it’s just mild symptoms. I will be on my feet in no time and I have stated my position, it is no longer a secret. Given a choice in August to choose between Lungu and President HH, I am voting for HH in August. Actually I will campaign for him all over the country” declared an excited Laura Miti.Laura Miti’s Alliance for Community Action and other “single handedly run” CSO’s like Nicholas Phiri’s Zitukule Consortium (which literally means raise yourself), McDonald Chipenzi’s GEARS Initiative are some of the many CSO’s President Hichilema has been supporting and facilitating to receive millions of Euros in funding from the likes of Anglo-American.

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