THERE was drama in a Matero local court in Lusaka when a woman admitted drinking beer but said it was her husband who taught her.

Florence Banda, 30, of Chaisa compound was testifying in a case in which her husband, Humphrey Mambwe, 34, of Garden compound sued her for reconciliation after being on separation since June 14, 2018.

The two got married in 2012 and do not have children. Dowry was paid.

Mambwe told senior court justice Miyanda Banda that Banda had a habit of going to her mother’s place and returning home late and drunk.

He said Banda did not have a cell phone and that when she was not at home, he phoned her mother to ask if she was there but she insulted him in response.

‘’I keep Banda well, I don’t beat her but when I phone her mother what I receive are insults. We tried to resolve the matter but to no avail,’’ Mambwe said.

Asked by the court if she drank beer, Banda admitted she did but that it was Mambwe who taught her to drink.

In defence, Banda said that she could not reconcile with Mambwe because he beat her and that at one time he stabbed her with a knife in the head and that at another time he stabbed her again with a knife on the lips.

‘’Mambwe threated to cut me and he said that my mother made me a fool by not teaching me marriage etiquettes. Mambwe’s sisters insult me and say that I am barren, they want a woman who can produce children,’’ Banda said.

Passing judgment, the court said that marriage was a voluntary union and that Banda said that she did not want to reconcile because Mambwe was cruel, he stabbed her.

The court said that it could not force a couple to remain in marriage because experience had shown that people killed each other and ruled that reconciliation had failed.



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