Zambia international midfielder Enoch Mwepu says he is committed to his club, career, future and his family and already bought each of his parents a car and a house and currently studying entrepreneur courses for the proper management of his finances.

This is after Zambia’s Ambassador to Germany Anthony Mukwita paid him a visit at his Austrian club Redbull Salzburg. The ambassador told Mwepu and Patson Daka that they are both excellent ‘ambassadors’ for Zambia.

Ambassador Mukwita urged Mwepu to make use of his time, form and earnings to plan for a better future ahead of him.

He then made a phone call to Zambia’s soccer icon Kalusha Bwalya and passed the phone onto Mwepu.

After speaking with ‘Great Kalu’, Mwepu said it was a moment he regarded as a privilege as he and other young players always looked to him as their inspiration.

Mwepu assured Ambassador Mukwita that he was committed to his club, career, his future and his family.

“As a career footballer, I have always admired Liverpool, and as fate would have it, my team is playing Liverpool,” he said with obvious excitement in his tone.

And Mwepu told the Ambassador that he loves his family so much that the first thing he did was to buy a car for each of his parents, along with a house in Kitwe where they later moved from Chambeshi.

Concerned that some young players get carried away by indulging in relationships that sometimes ruin their careers, Ambassador Mukwita urged Mwepu to be cautious.

In response, the young player assured the ambassador that he has remained faithful to his Zambian girlfriend currently pursuing public health at Rusangu University.

Mwepu is currently studying entrepreneurial courses to appreciate the most effective way of managing his financial affairs.

Redbull Salzburg was last Saturday playing Austria Wien on the former’s home turf.

The visitors scored within ten minutes of the first half but Mwepu assured Ambassador Mukwita that his team was going to win the game, adding: “we have never lost on home ground in over two years.”

Daka only played 15 minutes of the game as he and Mwepu had played on Wednesday and the coach wanted them to rest in preparation for the upcoming encounter against European champions Liverpool.

During his visit to the club, Ambassador Mukwita was introduced to management staff, including club CEO Stephan Reiter, Christopher Vivell, the club scout that identified Mwepu, and the club physiotherapists.

This is according to Kellys Kaunda, first secretary press and public relations at Zambia’s Embassy in Berlin.


Jotham Kangele Mambwe



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