Popular musician Mumba Yachi’s dream of a quick way out of prison suffered a setback after his bail application was frozen pending his acquiring a temporal work permit.

Yachi, whose real names are Shadreck Mukenge is facing a charge of making false representation to obtain a passport, illegal stay in Zambia and also giving false information to obtain a National Registration Card.

When the matter came up today, Magistrate Ruth Kapulo said that even if she gave Yachi bail he would immediately be arrested by immigration officers as his stay in the country was the crux of his court matter.

Yachi will remain in custody until his lawyers secure a temporal work permit for him.

Magistrate Kapulo explained that since the first charge hinges on unlawful stay in Zambia, Yachi could be arrested again if walks out of court without the said permit until the matter is disposed of.

Yachi is being represented by Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) vice president Eddie Mwitwa.


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