THE Zambia Association of Musicians (ZAM) has described the arrest of musician Mumba Yachi as unfortunate and pledges to offer legal and emotional support to him.

ZAM president Njoya Tembo says in a statement that Mumba Yachi’s situation is a manifestation of the impact of colonialism on the people of Africa and all formerly colonized peoples of the world.

“It is very evident that Mumba Yachi is but a victim of the colonial divides which separated tribes, communities and families to suit the wanton interests of colonialist forces which drew artificial boundaries across communities for their selfish interests,” states Njoya.

He said that Mumba is a fully-paid up member of the Association and has contributed greatly to the development of music in Zambia. For this reason, ZAM urges the law enforcement officers to look at Mumba’s case with a human face.

“While recognizing the importance of the Immigration Department to carry out its mandate, we note at the same time that the Immigration Department has a duty to promote a human rights based approach and culture in respect of immigration controls.

In that regard, Zambia Association of Musicians (ZAM) urges that a human face be attached to such operations in consideration to tribes, communities and families which were brutally divided by the greed of the colonial powers without any due regard to the status of people on the ground,” stated Njoya.

“ZAM will accordingly help Mumba with legal support throughout this process. The Association’s lawyers will be with Mumba throughout to ensure his rights are not infringed.”

Mumba Yachi was earlier this week arrested by immigration authorities over issues to do with his nationality.



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