Mr. Hichilema’s Twit Is Motivated By His Hatred For Edgar Lungu!

If you have not yet read Rev. Lackson Malombola’s latest article, “Wait Until The King Dies, We Still Have A King On The Throne!”, please do so by following this link:

The current discussion on Valden Findlay is the best example of the failure of our political system which is not just divisive but prioritises power over democracy. We have hunger in Gwembe District and someone will prioritize political rhetoric… smh.



Why is Mr. Hichilema leaving the log in his eye and rushing to Mr. Lungu’s speck? Who has done more harm to a child on the Copperbelt between Nicky Oppenheimer he dines with and Valden Findlay, Mr. Lungu’s friend?

Of course, ignorance will cause many to wonder who Nicky Oppenheimer is and how close he is to Mr. Hichilema. This is the family that recently referred to Zambians as monkeys and boasted about having a hand in everything that happens in Zambia.

You can’t change any government by fighting it but by coming up with a verifiable alternative development agenda that renders the existing one obsolete. Mr. Hichilema must, accordingly, concentrate on explaining the relevance of his 10 point development plan. That is if he even believes in it.

Mpandashalo Evans Mwewa
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