M’membe Jealous Of President Hichilema – Mucheleka

PATRICK Mucheleka writes …

Fred M’membe has always been known to be a secret admirer of our President HH since he joined Politics in 2006. We have, as a Party tried to understand the source of the jealousy but we have failed.

This man doesn’t want to see President HH in State House, that’s why he has declined the invitation to join the progressive Opposition Alliance. We wish him well as he tries to for the Presidency alone because even his wife is with us in the UPND and we suspect even their Children will vote for Bally and not their Father.

I don’t know how true this is but someone told me that Mr. Membe married Mr. Mazoka’s daughter so that he would take over UPND and that’s why he is jealous of President Hichilema. I can’t confirm or deny if this allegation is true but someone just told me.

On behalf of President Hichilema, I would like to assure the Socialist Party President the past between the two Leaders remains in the past. Mr. Hichilema holds no grudge against Mr. M’membe despite being called tribal names like “Bantustans” and “Tribal President.”

Brother Fred, put the jealous aside and let’s work together.

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