MMD’s Nevers Mumba Steals U$360,000 From HH And Opposition Coalition By Declaring U$40,000

The Zambian former televangelist, Dr. Nevers Mumba is in news for wrong headlines once again, for theft and embezzlement. Few works ago, he made craziest claims without any single proof that the Electorate Commission of Zambia (ECZ) and the PF have schemed to rig the 2021 Presidential and General elections. Unlike our HH, Mumba uses his mouth, tongue, teeth and lips dangerously.

After spending some few days in East Africa, Tanzania and Kenya where he was sent to meet partners of the Opposition Coalition and raise some money for joint activities, Dr. Mumba who is the President of the divided and weak MMD was lucky to receive U$400,000 donations in cash. Professor Lumumba of Kenya and Uganda’s Lords Resistance Army rebel member and funder were among the key figures Dr. Mumba met and helped him raise the money. But where is the money?

However, HH and the UPND political family have been duped and betrayed by Dr. Mumba. Upon coming back, Mumba met HH for a three hours meeting where he gave a ‘full report’ and declared U$40,000 money in cash from our donors. But remember that nothing is hidden under the Sun as there no secret so secret.

In their usual virtual discussion with Professor Lumumba of Kenya, HH was shocked to learn that Dr. Mumba was given U$400,000 dollars in cash by our donors and not the 10% he declared to opposition coalition partners in Zambia when he arrived. This means that Mumba stole exactly U$360,000 to himself. Wonders never ends indeed.

“We agreed here, this donation is not aimed at growing MMD or UPND as singular political parties. It is meant to help opposition coalition in the last quarter to mobilize Zambians to begin painting the PF government so corrupt, show deviance to the police, undertake countrywide demonstrations, defile law and order as well as wage war against the Electorate Commission of Zambia so that come August, 2020, Zambians must not accept the PF or Lungu’s political victory”, Professor Lumumba was head telling HH in their virtual discussion last evening. This chart was head and reported by one of our informers working at the residence of our leader in New Kasama.

While HH refused to send James Lukuku for being immature, untrustworthy with huge money and less educated, the clergy has proven to be the worst thief and political Judas. Who and how do you get 90% and declare 10% of what you were given? Anyway, we dont blame Dr.Nevers Mumba who is known for such when he shortly served as Zambia’s High Commissioner in Canada, we blame our HH aka Bally for trusting false prophets who claim to be pastors or men of God.

If he trusts and works with Nigerian Satanist called Seer1, why not trust and work with Zambia’s clergy conman called Pastor Nevers Mumba? Shame on us, shame on UPND and shame on the opposition coalition as everything seem to be working against us.

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