……as Ruling Patriotic Front Party scoops the Mkomba ward seat in Lundazi PF 1,277
UPND 252…..


Mkomba Ward in Chief Kapichila’s chiefdom of Lundazi district holds a striking record of self isolation in Eastern Province on the basis that the rural ward has had a succession of opposition Councillors since the introduction of multiparty participatory democracy in 1991.

According to Chief Kapichila, his chiefdom can nolonger continue to lag behind when the Patriotic Front (PF) manifesto which he has fully read and understood commits itself towards delivering development without leaving anyone behind.

“This is the very first time since the creation of Lundazi district in 1903 that my people have been given 3 secondary schools. And this has only happened after 2016. I do not want to say by the PF government lest I am accused of being biased. I have read both your manifesto and the seventh national development plan. I know too well what the PF stands for and I need an educated chiefdom.

“We can not afford in this time and age to remain behind as the world is now a global village. You either fit in or you’re completely left behind. My people need health posts and bridges. We need a good road to transport our goods across to Malawi as Lundazi district is the leading producer of Maize in the region,”

Today people of Mkomba ward have chosen change after 27years of having an opposition Councillor.



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