The Auditor General’s Report on the Accounts for the year 2016 shows that misapplication of funds has increased from about 28 million Kwacha in 2015 to about 162- Million Kwacha in 2016.

The report has further revealed that unaccounted for Revenue has increased from about 500 000 in 2015 to about 3.7 million Kwacha in 2016.

The Auditor General’s report has also shown that unaccounted for Funds has increased from about 190 000 Kwacha in 2015 to about 380 000 in 2016.

According to a statement issued to media by Head Public Relations in the Office of the Auditor General, Ellen Chikale, unretired Accountable Imprest also increased from about 12- Million Kwacha in 2015 to over 17-Million Kwacha in 2016.

Ms Chikale has observed that although unvouched Expenditure have reduced from about 3-hundred 50 Million kwacha in 2015 to about 1-hundred and 70 Million Kwacha in 2016, it is still the highest ranking irregularity for the period under review and continues to be an area of high concern for the Office.

She said there was more collaboration between the Office of the Auditor General and Controlling Officers.

Ms. Chikale said a lot of issues were resolved during the audit process and because of this a number of Ministries, Provinces and Spending Agencies (MPSA) have not been cited in the Report.

The Report contains ninety (90) paragraphs consisting of seventy four (74) paragraphs on audit matters whilst sixteen (16) paragraphs are on other matters which remained unresolved as at 30th September 2017.


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