Lands and Natural Resources Minister Jean Kapata and Ministry of Labour counterpart Joyce Simukoko were on Friday afternoon involved in a road traffic accident.

The duo together with the driver of the vehicle and another passenger escaped unhurt after a tyre burst at Kapwila area along Nakonde- Mbala road 25 km west of Nakonde District at 1640 hours.

According to police deputy public relations officer Rae Hamoonga, the accident happened when the Toyota Land cruiser had a rear left tyre burst which led to the driver losing control of the Vehicle.
As a result, the Vehicle had damaged left head lamp, left fender, passenger door and shuttered wind screen.



  1. Tyre busts can be dangerous especially with high profile vehicles like Toyota land cruiser, we thank God no one lost a life now investigations need to be done why that tyre bust.
    Things like this can be a lesson to learn from was it a defective tyre or was it excessive speed for the car or just reckless driving people need to ask such questions.


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