Sampa Threatens to Sue Matero MP
Bad blood between Matero Member of Parliament Lloyd Kazhiya and his predecessor Miles Sampa has taken them to court with the Lusaka Mayor over an article published in the New Vision Newspaper on December 28, 2018.

Sampa through his lawyers AKM Legal Practioners has written a letter of demand to former Matero Member of Parliament Lloyd Kazhiya demanding for a retraction within seven days on the front page of the newspaper where the story appeared under the banner “Sampa Linked” appeared.

The Lusaka Mayor says failure to retract will result to a court action demanding at least K10 million.

According to a letter of demand addressed to Kazhiya, the lawyers accuse the defendant of causing to be published an article entitled “Sampa Linked” which was a direct reference to their client (Sampa).

They have said that Kazhiya proceeded to have published in the New Vision Newspaper without verifying the truthfulness or correctness of its contents with their client.

The letter further states that the publication by the Newspaper has injured the reputation and integrity of their client and as a result brought into question his use of power in the office he once held.

The lawyers have indicated that as a result of this publication, Sampa as a public standing has suffered harassment and unnecessary questioning of his use of powers in his office adding the publication has negatively affected their client’s reputation and integrity.


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