Pastor Joseph Mwenya is a Zambian Pastor based in Dallas Texas , United States of America , pastor Mwenya has been working as a pastor for over 10 years and has built his ministry called Global Ministries which he started 9 years ago .

Unlike other men of God who use the name of God to dupe others of there hard earned money and resources , pastor Mwenya has proven to be a different kind of Pastor, he has built his ministry without demanding any contributions from his congregants .

Married to Neyla Mwenya with whom he has two children with , Pastor Mwenya Says his wife has been a huge pilar of his life as she has stood by his side and supported him to grow his ministry which has managed to attract people from all walks of life .

“My wife has been a huge pillar to my life , her support has been overwhelming and I couldn’t ask for more , she has helped me build our ministry into what it is today and now we have congregants from as far as South America who come all the way to Dallas just to Congregate with us ” he said .

The Global Fellowship has become very famous within Dallas Texas and the outside world for its numerous miracles performed by Pastor Mwenya among other notable healing that has taken place include ; Healing a man who was suffering from HIV for 34 years , Healing a cancer patient , the crippled have walked , a woman who has been deaf and for 30 years healed and finally got her sense of hearing back , one of the greatest miracles he performed as raising a Dead woman from death , she was pronounced dead and 2 hours after her pronouncement , pastor Mwenya prayed for her and God rose her from the death bed because it was not yet her time to depart earth .

Pastor Mwenya who was born and raised in Ndola says he got a calling from God to serve him when he thought the world was against him .


” I had so much going on in my life , and I reached a point and said enough is enough I can’t take this anymore , I got a huge rope and decided to commit suicide by hanging myself , it was at this point that Jesus spoke to me , he called me and asked me not to do what I wanted to do as he had plans for me , I immediately got back to my senses and dropped on my knees and began to pray ” Pastor Mwenya Said .

After praying I saw Jesus Christ , I saw all the disciples of Christ expect Judas he further said , it was at this point Jesus told me to serve him and asked me to set up my first church overseas and see how it would grow , I did that and now our church is growing by Gods grace .



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